Attindas Hygiene Partners Announces New Disposable, Invisible Incontinence Underwear Product for Men and Women

RALEIGH, N.C., USA – Attindas Hygiene Partners is proud to announce its innovative new adult disposable incontinence underwear product in North America. Invisible under clothing while providing up to 100% leak-free protection, the new product leverages Maxi Comfort ultrasonic bonding technology for more elastic material that conforms to a range of body shapes. This creates a comfortable and sleek fit that doesn’t bunch, roll, ride up or dig at the waist. As one of the company’s best-fitting products yet, it fits and feels like regular underwear, invisibly providing protection day and night. The thin, contoured center contains channels that dry so quickly, users forget that they are wearing the product. The product is available for men and women in three colors that are cottony-soft and skin-friendly.

This latest innovation results from Attindas’ efforts to provide stress-free protection from leaks and odors with products that are functional and discreet at affordable prices. “There’s no reason why incontinence should hold you back or prevent you from doing the things you love with confidence,” said Jacqueline Trauring, Senior Marketing Manager, Global Adult Incontinence for Attindas. “It’s all about security – protection that feels so comfortable, you’ll forget it’s there.” In an in-home use test, more than 80% of participants reported they didn’t worry about bladder leaks while they wore the product. Instead, they felt dry, clean, fresh, and safe. “That’s how users know it works,” Trauring added.

Shoppers can find the new products through Attindas’ owned brand, Attends®, which was the first to develop disposable incontinence products over 40 years ago. The new design is the latest of many innovative absorbent hygiene solutions that the brand has pioneered over the years. One of the ways that the new Attends Underwear for Men will be made available is via the Veteran Affairs Medical Centers (VAMC) and the Direct-to-Patient program via the VAMC Pharmacy. “We’re thrilled to serve our customers with a product that is more comfortable and effective,” said Jeff Dietrich, Marketing Director for Attends® . For a closer look at the technology, watch the Attends® promotional video here: The new products will also be sold at big box retailers through their private label brands across North America, as well as direct-to-consumer e-retailers, such as HDIS.

The updated product design is an extension of Attindas’ ultrasonic bonding technology that launched across Europe, where removing glue adhesive was shown to measurably reduce greenhouse gas emissions, including carbon dioxide, to provide less environmental impact. “At Attindas we are driven to provide effective, affordable, and widely available solutions to help those with Adult Incontinence enjoy life with health, dignity, and comfort every day,” said Attindas CEO Michael Fagan, “This innovation in protective underwear delivers an experience that’s more like wearing traditional underwear for our consumers, and likewise plays into our mission at Attindas to do our part for the environment.”


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Based in Raleigh, NC, USA, Attindas Hygiene Partners brings together a portfolio of companies including Attends Healthcare Products, Associated Hygienic Products, and HDIS in North America, and Laboratorios Indas and Attends Healthcare AB in Europe. Attindas designs, manufactures, and markets absorbent hygiene products for US, Canada, Europe and export markets worldwide. The company’s main business lines include adult incontinence and infant diapers, among other products, for the healthcare, retail, and direct-to-consumer channels under its well-known brands including Attends, Incopack, Indasec, Chelino, Comfees and Reassure. Attindas additionally supplies a wide range of private label brands for retailers in North America and Europe. Learn more at

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