With a legacy spanning more than 40 years, Incopack® is the leading incontinence brand in the healthcare market in Spain. 

Incopack offers a full assortment of products for use at-home and on-the-go including Pants, Briefs, Shaped Pads, and Rectangular products across a full size range (from Extra-Small to Extra-Large) and a variety of absorption levels (known as Day, Night, and SuperNight).  Brand users and their caregivers alike praise the protection, safety, and comfort the brand provides.

Incopack Nature® products are designed specifically for use in hospitals and long-term nursing homes -- with a wider assortment of Briefs, Shaped Pads and Rectangular products that users and health care professions rely on to prevent leaks, keep skin healthy, and maintain activity and dignity.

Incopack products feature:

  • Cores with enhanced absorption that quickly wick urine away from the skin and lock it inside. 
  • Anti-leak system with dual anti-leak barriers between the legs
  • Odor control
  • A wetness indicator to alert caregivers of the need to change 
  • Anatomical shape for enhanced comfort
  • 100% Latex free


In addition, most Incopack® and Incopack Nature® products feature our exclusive Dermobands® that help maintain healthy skin. Dermobands contain a lotion emulsion applied in bands to the top layer of the product that comes in contact with the skin. The emulsion releases Omega 3 and 6 essential fatty acids and aloe vera during use that balance skin’s lipid content and minimize trans epidermal water loss.  (as confirmed in a study carried out by an independent laboratory: Biolab, S.p.A.) 

To learn more, ask a Healthcare Professional, or visit our website: www.indas.com


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