Experts in living. Incontinence protection for all

Our approach keeps us in continuous contact with both users and caregivers, so it’s no accident that our at-home and professional care products provide the freedom and comfort to enable those managing incontinence to live their lives with confidence and dignity.

Type of Products

Whether it’s just an occasional drip or dribble, or a more severe incontinence situation, our assortment of incontinence products has something to meet anyone’s need


Unlike period pads, our liners are designed specifically to deliver comfortable protection against small, infrequent bladder leaks. Their discreet design and odor shield allow women to remain dry and worry-free, both before and following a leak.

Pads and Shields

When bladder leaks become a more recurrent challenge, our pads keep active women confidently dry and comfortable while wearing their own normal underwear. With soft, cloth-like fabric and absorbent cores that lock away wetness and odors, pads are available in daytime and nighttime formats.

Our men’s range includes shields and guards that function much like women’s pads but  are designed specifically with a man’s anatomy and underwear in mind.

Protective Underwear /Pants

Worn just like regular underwear, our protective pants provide an alternative for active, mobile individuals because they conform to the body.  They are appropriate for light, medium, or even heavier incontinence:  Designed with super-absorbent cores that help pull wetness away from the skin to keep it dry, and soft and breathable materials that help promote skin wellness and comfort.


Ideal for heavy to severe incontinence, these larger, contour-shaped pads are worn with multi-use mesh fixation trunks.  Their large size, high absorbency cores, and breathable materials help to retain fluid, prevent leaks, and control odors while enhancing comfort.


Briefs offer high-performance protection with tab fasteners that’s suited for caregivers helping those with severe incontinence.  They provide maximum coverage, absorbency, and odor control, and have cloth-like, breathable materials for softness, comfort, and skin health.  They come in a range of styles including classic, stretch, belted, and flex.


Made from soft, non-woven top layers that wick fluid away from skin. Their fluffy cores make them comfortable and absorbent, while their strong, leak-proof back sheets keep them in place and protect surfaces below. Our most advanced premium superabsorbent underpads are made with a Dry-Lock® absorbent core which moves fluid away from the skin, to help maintain skin health and wellness.