An amazing adventure--Diapers and Pants for the entire journey!

From birth all the way through potty training, we know how important it is to moms, dads, and kids to stay dry, look good, and feel comfortable.  Our full range of Baby Care products starts with newborn diapers and goes all the way to youth pants, each focusing on what’s most important at each stage in life.

Type of Products

Baby Diapers

A convenient way to prevent urine and bowel movements leaks, our diapers feature patented stretch fasteners, ultra-absorbent cores, soft materials, and are free from chemicals (free from perfumes, latex, and phthalates).  Available in 8 sizes ranging from Newborn to Size 7.

Training Pants

The perfect combination of a pull-on fit like real underwear with an absorbent core that helps children confidently tackle potty training without the hassle of leaks as they learn. Our training pants have a wetness indicator, easy open sides, and fun designs in boy and girl versions across three sizes.

Youth Pants

Some kids need a little longer to master potty training, especially at night.  Our Youth Pants are a more mature, more discrete version of trainers.  They have the same pull-on fit like real underwear, but with higher absorbency, larger sizing, and more mature graphic designs appropriate for older children.

Change Mats

Whether at home or on the go, our change mats provide a convenient and protective changing surface. Made with soft, absorbent top layers and a fluffy core, they provide a clean and comfortable surface that makes changing worry-free—and they trap fluids just in case!