Indaslip® is a premier brand of All-in-one/Brief products that’s helped users and caregivers in several focus markets in Europe and South America for over 25 years.  It covers high absorbency levels across sizes from Small to Extra Large. 

Indaslip© has always understood that its users value security, comfort, and protection. 

Security: Allows the freedom to carry out daily activities with total confidence, thanks to fast absorption and retention, leakage prevention, and odor neutralizing action

Comfort: Conforms to the body with a snug fit, soft materials, and an elastic waist.  And are latex and perfume free.

Protection: Keeps skin healthy and helps prevent irritation with exclusive Dermobands® lotioned top sheet that features Aloe Vera and Omega 6 and 3 lipids. 

And, we also offer Indasform® products, with similar features to Indaslip briefs, but in a shaped pad plus mesh pant format.

Indaslip products are found in Retail outlets and nursing homes and hospitals around Europe and South America.

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