Our Environmental Approach

Our ambition is to minimize the impact we have on our environment through purposeful material selection and design of our products and packaging.

We continually strive for operational process efficiency, cleaner energy, and waste minimization, as well as seeking out optimized sustainable distribution methods.

We strive to use clean energy

Energy is commodity most of us use and need in our daily lives. At Attindas the use of electrical energy to convert our raw materials into reliable healthcare products - impacts our world. We are working towards reducing this burden with bold actions. We strive to use energy provided through renewable resources, mostly wind, solar and Hydro. Success is seen through numerous facilities having converted to renewable sources, and so doing reduce, or even eliminate the CO2 burden. The journey has begun, with some milestones achieved, but we stay on course to continually find ways to broaden the use of renewable resources in our processes.

We aim to increase plastic recyclability

Innovation allows us to constantly push the boundaries of what goes into our finished goods. Through our efforts to optimize product and packaging, we aim to reduce plastic usage by switching to renewable materials, whenever possible. Action is required now, so we are working towards maximizing the use of post-consumer recycled materials particularly in packaging. Innovative technologies, close to fruition, energize out teams to minimize the use plastics all together. If successful this journey will deliver significant reductions in the use of virgin plastics and beyond, impactful transitions in reducing our footprint on the world.

We strive for validation

The journey is a mission to consciously seek methods to reduce the environmental footprints within our manufacturing sites. Whether this be reducing waste, improving production processes, selecting renewable energy or smaller things like LED lighting, the aim is to always find innovative solutions using the latest technologies. Tracking the measurables is essential to evaluate the impact of activities, but there is nothing like external validation. One of the facilities in the family have now gained “Carbon Neutral” status via Climate Partner. The insights gleaned, energize us to chase that horizon for all our facilities. We will continue to seek external validation from environmental industry-leading certifications bodies to meet the highest standards.

We minimizing our waste

Sorting waste streams for recycling opportunities and landfill reduction. Improve, standardize, and optimize recycling/landfill opportunities for all facilities. Improvement of Scrap through OEE and MUT activities.

Our Values


We look out for each other’s safety as well as our own. We treat each other, our communities, and the planet with respect as the way to guarantee a sustainable future for our business. Our products care for our consumers, and we care deeply for our stakeholders — we invest ourselves fully in their outcomes.


We strive for simpler, more efficient ways to work. We lead via fewer, bigger and faster choices for the combined benefit of all. We react quickly, yet thoughtfully, to the dynamic marketplace we serve.


We listen to our stakeholders, we understand their needs, and we deliver a better future with the products and solutions we deliver. We try new things, we learn, and we grow.