Sabanindas® is the top brand of single-use absorbent underpads in Iberia. Available in a range of convenient shapes and sizes from 60 cm x 60 cm to 80cm x 180 cm, Sabanindas Underpads are perfect for bedridden or wheelchair-bound incontinent patients—in the home, in nursing home care, or in the hospital.

Their unique design includes an innovative embossing pattern and superabsorbent core that help to diffuse, absorb, and lock away urine for unbeatable protection and comfort.  They also feature:

  • Soft top layers that are comfortable when in contact with skin

  • Absorbent cores composed of fluff and superabsorbent particles that draw moisture away from the skin

  • Unique Rhomboidal structure that facilitates the diffusion throughout the entire pad prevents urine from flowing out

  • Compressed cores that resist breaking apart in-use and help relieve body pressure

  • Soft polyethylene backsheets that are waterproof and stay in place

Sabanindas products are found in Pharmacies and major Para pharmacies in Retailers in Spain and other key markets

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