Our approach

Our efforts to advance sustainability solutions are informed by the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations. We strive to align our work with the sustainability interests of our customers and consumers, as supported by life cycle assessments. We hold ourselves and our suppliers accountable through goal setting, benchmarking, and transparent reporting.

Bringing a longer-term view to our decision making can advantage our access to financial, natural, and human capital. Innovation quickens when it is informed by opportunities to make our products and operations more sustainable. Our communities, customers, and consumers become advocates and ambassadors for our business when they see we are focused on the larger, longer-term good. 

Improving Resource & Process Efficiency 


We strive to advance the efficient use of resources through process improvements that reduce environmental impacts and lower costs.

We make purposeful raw material selections, product design and manufacturing decisions, and distribution choices that make our business more eco-efficient. This includes innovating packaging and logistics solutions to improve the efficient and reliable delivery of essential products to people.

Embracing the Benefits of Inclusion and Diversity

We seek to make our business more sustainable by fostering a culture that embraces diversity, promotes an environment of inclusion, and provides equal access to career opportunities.

We intentionally recruit talent that reflects the diversity of the communities where we operate. 

We strive to engage all our colleagues in understanding how their work contributes to the mission of advancing human health, dignity, and comfort. 

We empower our people to propose ideas for making our business better. 

Advancing Human Health,

Dignity and Comfort

We advance human health, dignity, and comfort by providing cost-effective absorbent hygiene solutions for protecting and promoting skin health in more than 20 countries. 

Our product innovation and sustainability agendas are intertwined as we strive to make better health outcomes ever more available and accessible to populations that are both growing and aging.

We begin by considering the people we serve as we strike balances between the types and amounts of materials that we use to make our products, the performance of our products in both homes and health care institutions, and the cost and accessibility of the essential solutions we provide people at all stages of life. 

We listen to and collaborate with health professionals, caregivers, parents, government health agencies, and our suppliers to inform our work towards sustainable innovation.

Making Genuine, Personal

Commitments to Ethical,

Responsible, Caring Behaviors

We are committed to promoting our core values of operating ethically, sourcing responsibly, and caring about our employees and the communities we call home. We expect that all our employees are personally and genuinely committed to demonstrating these behaviors every day. 

We maintain a continuous improvement approach to operating safely at all our locations. We encourage employees to coach and support each other about working safely. We are transparent in collecting, assessing, and sharing data and experiences to learn from our safety successes and failures. 

We make clear our mandate, reinforced with rigorous systems, that every colleague understands and exercises the highest business ethics every day. 

We set expectations for our suppliers to adhere to highest business ethics practices and to engage in efforts to promote sustainable development.